Greece and its Islands have long been a magnet for international productions.
Over the last few years Greece has emerged as a leading European
competitor due to its diversity of locations from its breathtaking coastlines
and spectacular mountain ranges to its European City feel and developing modern architecture.


Greece in numbers:
- The lowest annual rainfall in Europe.
- The third highest annual sunshine hours in Europe.
- 227 Accessible islands to find your ideal location.
- 13,676 km of coastline – the third highest in Europe.



One of the best climates in Europe with 250 days of sunshine per year. The predictable weather is a reassurance that projects remain always on schedule.


Breath-taking locations

Just a few hours apart diverse locations such as sandy beaches, whitewashed blue island villages,
mesmerizing sunsets, mountains, volcanic terrains and timeless archaeological sites make filming in Greece ideal for accommodating any type of film.


Tax and Financial Incentives

Attractive Financial Incentives offered by the Greek government:

- The cash rebate amounts to 35% on the eligible expenses incurred in Greece.
- Producers have access to state aid once they pass the cultural test and spend at least €100,000 for feature films and €30,000 for TV projects.
- Financing of the rebate is guaranteed through the Greek Public Investment Programme and amounts to €75 million available for the years 2018 to 2022.

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